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Native Return wins Top Prize

I just learned my native habitat garden, Native Return, won first place in the category “Best Habitat Garden” in the  2011 Whitemarsh Township Garden Contest. Congratulations to winners in other categories, and to all who participated in this annual event, and thanks … Continue reading

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Accelerated Extinction

If we and our ecosystems evolved together on Planet Earth, what happens when we change the rules? In February, 2011 I gave a presentation at the Bowman’s Hill Land Ethics Symposium on the same topic of Faye Flam’s Monday Philadelphia Inquirer article … Continue reading

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Thank you…

I always enjoy the feedback!  Feeds my enthusiasm!  Here’s a responsive  note from Jim at Exelon:   “I would like to thank you for your news letter.   I really enjoy them. Bats: I hope they can come up with some … Continue reading

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Native Return Will Fix Your Mess

Many of you are familiar, or at least have a passing acquaintance with my business, Native Return.  This is not your father’s landscaping service.  What I and members of my team create are not fancy borders, but re-establishment and management … Continue reading

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PA Wind Turbines are Killing Bats

Yes, Dear Readers, here is another case of best-laid plans going astray. According to an article posted in the Monday, July 18 Philadelphia Inquirer by Erich Schwartzel of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, wind turbines across the state killed more than 10,000 … Continue reading

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Raccoon Tales Sought

I received such a supportive response to my blog regarding the cruel, senseless, and costly Philadelphia raccoon euthanasia program (brought to heightened attention by  Gerald Dodson’s alternative plan as printed in the Chestnut Hill Local) that I’ve decided to solicit raccoon … Continue reading

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Where’s the Wood?

Why did the Eastern Islanders disappear from their once-wooded island?  Historian Jared Diamond, author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (2005), was recently invited to speak at the University of Pennsylvania.  Read a review of his discussion, reprinted from The … Continue reading

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Meet Our Press

A review of my free garden party tour of Native Return (also the name of my business) for friends and followers made the first page of the Colonial Newspaper, July 8-14 issue!  Check to see whether you‘re featured in the lovely color photos accompanying  the article, on … Continue reading

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A Solution to the Raccoon Problem

Observed in the Chestnut Hill Local Letters to the Editor, June 30, 2011 and reprinted here for your delectation.  Thank you, Mr.  Dodson,  for your progressive thoughts on the matter… A solution to the raccoon problem I just heard on the … Continue reading

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Pools: Threat to the Eastern Box Turtle

A friend of mine, Kevin K., alerted me to the summertime in-ground swimming pool threat to the Eastern Box Turtle.  Kevin found one swimming in his pool, unable to get out. Luckily, Kevin was able to net him and safely returned … Continue reading

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