Great Way to get Natives for your Property

Hi Everyone! Christina here. The best way to increase biodiversity on your property is to plant native plants. Believe me, when you see the unusual wildlife that comes, you will become addicted. So replace some of your non-natives with a few native plants. Visit for plants that are extra beneficial for wildlife. Stick with native species.

Here’s a convenient way to get them locally. This email was sent to me recently:

Hi Everyone,

We are planning a plant sale at the Umbria Street Neighbors Flea Market at the Ivy Ridge Train Station May 7th 8:30-1:30pm.  We are hoping to use the plant sale as a way to bring awareness to the Schuylkill Project, as small fundraiser, and as a way to let the public buy inexpensive plant material that is usually available wholesale. Michael LoFurno from the Philadelphia Horticulture Society will be teaching workshop on native plants and container gardening at the event from 11-noon.

If anyone would like to order plant material for your project please let me know and we can include you in the order. We will be ordering from North Creek Nursery who has a great selection of native plant material at very reasonable prices. If you would like to order plants for your home you are welcome to preorder trays through the plant sale, or come and single plants  May 7th. The deadline to pre-order is April 26th, but please let me know as soon as possible to insure the best availability.

If anyone is able to volunteer please let me know – funds raised will be used for our ‘mini grant fund’ that participating groups can apply for. Please share the flyer with anyone who might be interested in the workshop or plant sale.





4312 Main street

Philadelphia PA 19127


p: 267.270.3075

F: 215.487.9137

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