Bobolinks are Back…and Likely Breeding!!!

Great news. Remember our goal of saving Manatawna because historically it is breeding habitat of the bobolink, a species of conservation concern? Well, we have good news to report. According to DVOC President Frank Windfelder, bobolinks are not only present at Manatawna, but likely breeding. They returned May 2nd per Chuck Hetzel, and last week Frank spotted 5 males and 1 female, not flocking, but rather all staking out territory independent of one another, typical breeding behavior. He suspects there are others he did not see. I walked the site today, and heard their calls, all popping out of the grassy field from different locations.

These ground nesters, the inspiration behind our logo (above), require expansive acreage of short grass meadows, just like the 60 to 80 acres at Manatawna, available now that the Schuylkill Center has added their adjacent acreage to the acres protected through the Roxborough Conservation District landmark legislation. Spot these birds by their upside down appearance, white on top and dark below. This video will help you to identify the bird by sight and sound.

Saul High School promised to delay hay mowing until the breeding birds have fledged their young. Let’s hold them to their promise. If you know the school’s leaders, please forward this onto them to ensure the birds’ protection. By protecting our biodiversity, we protect our own future, for we are all connected…in ways we don’t even understand.

Native Return can help you recreate habitat such as the grassland meadows of Manatawna.

Yours in conservation,

Christina Kobland

About Christina Kobland

Founder,; President and Founder, Native Return, LLC
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