Help Recreate Regal Fritillary Butterfly Habitat

The regal fritillary butterfly is very rare, especially in the eastern USA, where it has disappeared from all but one location, Fort Indiantown Gap (FIG), Annville, PA. This butterfly persists at FIG because they have everything the regal needs: species-specific violets (for caterpillars), nectar plants (milkweeds and native thistles for adults), warm-season grasses (little bluestem protects different life stages from the elements).  
 May 24th Volunteer Event-help propagate violets for the regal fritillary butterfly. And take it from me, Christina, you will see native habitat reminiscent of that which persisted when the giant mega-mammals roamed the area, creating disturbance allowing these specialized creatures to persist, recreated oddly enough by the stryker tank training at FIG.


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