Brown Thrashers return to Native Return!

Welcome back to Native Return, brown thrashers. They are one of my very favorite birds, and I am so thrilled to have them back. Where is this year’s nest?
Baltimore orioles are pairing up, and we have nesting robins, song sparrows over the front door trumpet honeysuckle trellis, wrens in the nest boxes and under the deck, mockingbirds in the red cedar, and chickadees all over. So much going on I have a hard time keeping track of it all, not to mention run Native Return. Wait til you see our reworked pond. It is hard to tear myself away. I love my little native minnows. No goldlfish or koi for me. Trying out my new artificial fish habitat made out of reclaimed vinyl siding. Pretty cool.

Brown Thrasher

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2 Responses to Brown Thrashers return to Native Return!

  1. Diane Walker says:

    WIll you be running tours another time this summer?

  2. Yes, I would like to have another open garden and birdwatch deck event this summer. No date set yet though.

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