The Sixth Extinction Documentary

We must be grateful for the determined work of those who alert us to the state of the world as habitat.  Without  these committed voices, we would not be able to run up the red flags  to the issues they espouse.                                                                                                                                                                The short video linked below previews their new documentary-in-progress which presents their compelling analysis of a 6th global mass extinction.

In an interview with Dr. A. Barnosky, Paleobiologist at UC Berkeley, we learn there is only a limited supply of ecological energy on the planet available to support large animals, defining large as those using the greatest amount of the world’s available resources.  By that definition, we are the largest, and most vulnerable to extinction through resource decimation.

As an illustration, they offer Haiti, which was once the richest colony in the New World, as one of the most recent examples of total resource collapse.  Quoting from the video, “…there’s almost no forest left,  the land is depleted, the waters are polluted.  I don’t see that we should be complacent.  We are just maybe 100–150 years behind them.”

Our rapid population growth—we grew five times in the last one hundred years—is pushing animals from their habitats, propelling overkill of many species, increasing chemical pollutants, and spreading invasive species.

The video:

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