East Coast Native Pachysandra


Pachysandra procumbens

I’m happy to offer for sale Pachysandra procumbens, an East Coast member of the Buxaceae (Boxwood) family commonly referred to as “Allegheny Spurge”.   The grower describes the plant as follows:


Unlike Asian Pachysancra terminalis, an aggressive variety which fills very large areas very quickly, its well-behaved American cousin, P. procumbens is a clump forming groundcover that fills in an area slowly and much more elegantly. It’s superior to the more commonly used (Asian) Pachysandra terminalis in virtually every respect. It is hardy in most areas; in warm zones or during mild Winters it stays evergreen while in colder areas it will be a herbaceous perennial.

In the early Spring,  P. procumbens shoots up spikes of pink and white fragrant flowers that last for a week or two.  Soon after the flowers have set seed, the first vegetative shoots poke their heads through the soil and their dark green leaves begin to unfold. Best used in dappled to deep shade, the foliage remains a dark luxurious green all summer.  The more sun that the plants get, the lighter their leaves are.

In the late summer to early fall, P. procumbens reminds us of the approaching Autumnal equinox by “opening its windows to let in more light”. This effect takes its form as beautiful silvery mottling on the leaves.

The cost of the plants is $ 5.00 each, with a minimum order of 10 plants  and will be shipped to you directly by Priority Mail.  Shipping and handling is included if you order by Tuesday, September 14th. After that date, add $5 for shipping. Send your order for the correct amount, with your check made out to Native Return, LLC to: Native Return, LLC, Attn. Lynda Geyer, 2461 Merrie Claude Drive, Norristown, PA 19401.

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