Christina Kobland’s Native Return Launches New FlightTurf™ Website


Christina Kobland’s Native Return is proud to launch a new website for FlightTurf™ — the ultimate airfield turfgrass. (

 Although developed specifically for airports, FlightTurf™ can be used anywhere geese or other grazing wildlife must be discouraged, reducing the need for extreme wildlife reduction measures. It is excellent for use in any areas where low-maintenance turf protocols are desirable.

Corporate, industrial, school or university campuses, parks, roadsides, (especially along arteries where wildlife traffic-kills are high), transmission corridor rights-of-way, cemeteries and other low maintenance lawns are examples of areas where FlightTurf™ can be used.

Our new FlightTurf™ website includes additional information about the many cost-saving and environmental benefits of this natural, patent-pending turf technology which conserves green space, wildlife, and operating costs.

■ Only one mow per year to maintain an average 6″ height

■ No fertilization or watering

■ Improved resistance to insects, turf disease, and weeds

■ Animals hazardous to aircraft, such as geese and deer, dislike FlightTurf™ and tend to graze elsewhere

■ Reduced emissions and operational risk, and increased security by greatly reducing mowing events

■ Lower equipment and wildlife management costs

■ Decreased stormwater runoff

Visit our exciting new FlightTurf™ website for more information, and visualize what our product can do for your commercial or residential needs and services!


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Founder,; President and Founder, Native Return, LLC
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