Meadow Lawns featured at Natural Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

Native Aster (photo by Fay Kobland)

Spring is upon us, more or less! The temperature seems to be reflecting the stock market, up one day and down the next, but always making slow progress towards a higher or lower objective.  At this time of year it’s going gradually higher, giving us warmer weather with healthy returns expected in emerging flora and fauna!

You might have thought that had headed south for the winter, but although the blog took a wee nap, its creator (that’d be me) was busy working throughout those weeks of short days on FlightTurf™, a commercial turf-seed mix I designed and developed as a product of Native Return®.  Now that life is stirring, it’s time to get, a blog created for the support of wildlife in all its variants, out of hibernation.

You’ll find my first blog post of the spring on Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens, a site to which I am a regular contributor, and which embraces my signature theme:   recreating native plant habitat as a first step in restoring to healthy interaction the naturally evolved biology of a region.  Both and Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens are concerned with wildlife issues on a global scale, but our stewardship begins on a local scale, for ecology, that branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, begins at home.

To read my blog “Meadow Lawns” please go now to Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens.

Native Return meadow lawn with native Coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans

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