Improve Soil Health — A Practical Remedy submitted by Larry Murrell

Reader Larry Murrell writes: Here is an approach that also holds promise that supports your goals of a less toxic environment from chemical dependency of “sterile” green lawns. Please add to your blog if you can help spread the word. 

Larry Murrell, Pat Feeney-Murrell, and Paul McCullen,

 Soil health has been widely compromised in New Jersey by a combination of soil compaction, water-logging, erosion, pesticides, and water contamination leading to flooding issues and to poor water percolation over wide areas.  These conditions can be reversed by employing a surprisingly simple approach.  This approach pulses high concentrations of air into soil using a well-known consumer product.  The consumer product costs less than two dollars and can transform even sterile red shale to high vitality in less than a month’s time.

 Here is the description of a practical approach that anyone can use in their lawn or garden to improve the soil health in less than 10 days time.  

Buy a giant-size roll of Bounty paper towel, six inches in diameter.  Dig a hole about 11” deep and 8” in width and place the roll into the hole so the card board central tube is vertical in the hole.  Fill the central card board tube with soil from the hole, and compact the soil as it is added to the central core with a rake handle so the central core is a solid mass. Then fill in the hole with the soil around the outside of the paper towel roll and compact the soil tightly to the roll of paper towel. Leave the top of the paper towel roll exposed and level or slightly above the soil.  Add 7-cups of water to the top of the paper towel roll so that the water wicks evenly into the paper towel roll. Wait at least 10 minutes.  Then add 7-cups of water to the top of the paper towel roll and wait approximately 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure for a total of ten additions of 7-cups of water. (It is not necessary that the 7-cups of water be added in an exact time frame for the effective air transport into the soil).

This simple procedure will pulse 70 cups of air into the soil.  This amounts to an astonishing 17,500 cc of air pulsed into the soil in a total time of an hour and a half.  This large oxygen pulse will destroy the bad bacteria in the soil, eliminate toxins, such as phenols and organic acids, and promotes healthy populations of bacteria and fungi.  In about 30 days a high population of worms will rejuvenate the damaged or dead soil.  The paper towel roll will be completely consumed by bacteria in 3-5 months time, and the hole will fill with soil from surrounding areas.  This entire approach is a completely green technology that takes little time and effort to accomplish large changes in soil health.

 It is estimated that restoration of all soils damaged by bad agricultural-practices over the past 10,000-years could solve the climate-change crisis.  So, get started, tackle a soil in your yard or neighborhood and watch for the improvements in the plant health in a wide circle around the location of the paper towel roll.  Take photographs and spread the word about this new approach to improve soil health.  All of our future drinking water needs are dependent on healthy soil, so spread the word to friends and family.

For more information see page 81 in  CBD Technical Series No. 62:

If you try it, let ( know your results. Or post a comment below.

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