Captive Elephants Successfully Reintroduced into the Wild


Elephant at Seba Camp, Botswana (2006)

Elephant at Seba Camp, Botswana (2006)


In 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kate Evans at Seba Camp in Botswana, where they have succesfully reintroduced captive elephants (from America) into the wild. The picture above is one such elephant I snapped a photo of myself while there.

With my own eyes I have seen elephants chasing one another, cavorting in the streams. I dreamed there would be some sense of fairness that zookeepers would work to return these huge animals to the wild where they belong. Here you can read first hand about valuable research straight from the bush describing these wondrous creatures and how we can help.

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One Response to Captive Elephants Successfully Reintroduced into the Wild

  1. Jared hoch says:

    Thank You for posting this for us to read. It,s comforting to know that this is happening. Beautiful animals!!!!

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