Email to Schuylkill Center Board Chairman

Have You Lost Your Souls?

Sent: Monday 8/23/2010

To: Binney Meigs (

cc: Dennis Burton (

Binney –

I write to you because you serve as Chairman of the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. I ask you to share this email with your other Board members. I am shocked that you continue in the path of measures taking SCEE’s habitat and the lives of its wildlife, including ever-expanding agriculture and now even compost facilities. I am shocked that the Natural Lands Trust condones these measures. I have just been told the Schuylkill Center is helping the farmers on the SCEE land trap and kill innocent groundhogs. This is an outrage considering the fact this land was set aside to be a nature preserve. While I was on the SCEE Board, your mother sought me out to tell me in no uncertain terms  that her main concern was for it to remain a nature center for the young inner city children to see these animals living free and undisturbed. She was clearly on Eleanor Morris’s side in keeping the mission centered on wildlife and habitat protection and instilling an appreciation for these creatures in the minds of the young children who live far removed from them downtown.

It is wrong to teach the public the lessons you are teaching – that it is okay to take habitat from the animals, even kill them, and turn it into commercial ‘demonstration projects’ when you should be promoting the idea that these type businesses should be carefully placed on already degraded sites where wildlife doesn’t exist. It is wrong that other ‘environmental organizations’ including urban farmers, composters, solar companies, etc are asking to locate their agricultural and other operations on important wildlife habitat when they should be seeking alternative locations that don’t support viable wildlife communities.

I appeal to you to hire an executive director who loves and appreciates wildlife, who understands the importance of increasing biodiversity through habitat protection (including ridding your 325 acres of rampant invasive growth), and who will reverse your alarming trend toward agriculture and other measures that will contribute to the hardship of our local fauna.


Christina Kobland


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