East 33 Wildlife

Breeding Brown Thrashers

In 2006 Miquon resident volunteer and wildlife-lover Christina Kobland spearheaded an initiative to protect habitat for the area’s wildlife by qualifying property owners for free Wildlife Management Plans from a PA Game Commission Wildlife Diversity Biologist.  Those receiving plans included  Whitemarsh Township (East 33 and 5 additional twp. acres bordering Manor Creek),  PECO (24 acre transmission right-of-way from Harts Lane to east of Manor Road) and the Girl Scouts  113 acre property along Manor Road.
The East 33 acreage is a critical wildlife corridor linking the Girl Scout property, Schuylkill Nature Center and Manatawna Farm parcels to the adjacent Miquon PECO transmission line right-of-way corridor (pictured above left) which is managed as a native grassland for wildlife by Kobland’s  company Native Return, LLC of Whitemarsh and Weeds,Inc. of Aston, PA.
PECO recently received the news the project has won the prestigious 2009 National BASF Corporation Quality Vegetation Management ‘Project Habitat’ Award. In addition, the project won the 2009 PA Horticultural Society Community Greening Award.
PECO installed bird and bat boxes to enhance their site based on their 2007  Wildlife Plan recommendations. PECO continues to work with Native Return, LLC and Weeds, Inc. to manage the site for invasive growth and has vegetated the riparian zone and upland site with appropriate native plant species helping prevent stormwater run-off.
Native Return also acted as Project Manager for the Whitemarsh Township’s 10 acre stream  restoration project alongside Manor Creek where invasive growth was removed and replaced with native vegetation supportive of wildlife.  This project won the 2008 PA Horticultural Society Community Greening Award.
Pictured are but a few of the animals that inhabit and pass through the East 33 and whose lives could be lost should the habitat be fragmented and farmed. They continue to be harrassed by the unauthorized poachers and motorized recreational vehicles that frequent the site and avoid police by off road travel.

2 Responses to East 33 Wildlife

  1. missi says:

    Can you help me.. I saw a very odd animal the other day… It would look like a fox..BUT it was larger than that (size of a chacolte lab).. it was very close to my car i got a good look.. Also im a avid hunter and love the outdoors..so im very familar with animals..ihave searched everythig but i can not find this……. It was very red..but had a black mane like.. I almost would call it a cyotoe but no it dont look like that.. It looked like a fisher cat ..but larger! i just like to know what it was..

  2. Sorry, but I haven’t a clue if it wasn’t a fox.

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