Native Return, LLC

Concerned by the loss of wildlife habitat, Christina Kobland founded
Native Return with the goal of convincing others to share their land
with wildlife. The company is designed to be a “one stop shop” for
clients wishing to establish native plant habitat, rich with biodiversity,
in the disturbed sites typical to the region.

Native Return services range from lawn to native meadow conversions, invasive plant removal and control, utility right-of-way habitat conversions, introduction and management of wildlife corridors, detention/retention basin naturalization and low maintenance airfield FlightTurf installations to repel wildlife, protecting both aircraft and animals from harm.

Clients include City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation, PECO/Exelon, Smallow Property Management, Colonial School District and Urban Engineers, as well as residential clients.

Christina Kobland’s and Native Return’s projects have won international, national, and regional awards.

Whitemarsh Township 2010 Best Commercial Garden Award

Christina Kobland educates the public about the benefits of native landscaping through lectures.